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Resources for Employment in the Arts

Performing Arts | Web Sites

Visual Arts


Haubenstock, Susan H.
Career Opportunities in Art, 1994

Salmon, Mark
Opportunities in Visual Arts Careers, 1993

Commercial Art/Graphic Design

Goldfarb, Roz
Careers by Design: A Headhunter's Secrets for Success and Survival in Graphic Design, 1993

Gordon, Barbara
Opportunities in Commercial Art and Graphic Design Careers, 1998

Neff, Jack
Designer's Guide to Making Money with Your Desktop Computer, 1992

Poggenpohl, Sharon Helmer
Graphic Design: A Career Guide and Education Directory, 1993


Gilbert, George
The Complete Photography Careers Handbook: Expanded to Include Electronic Imaging,1992

Johnson, Bervin M.
Opportunities in Photography Careers, 1991


Art Calendar: The Business Magazine for Visual Artists
Lists internships and careers opportunities available for a range of arts related positions.

Art Job
Publication of the Western States Art Federation listing jobs for art and arts related positions in colleges and universities. Includes internship opportunities.

Classifieds include a range of calls for arts-related work such as faculty positions, graphic artists and gallery directors.

Newsletter of the American Association of Museums. Positions in museums, academia, art centers and foundations.

New Art Examiner
Arts and arts related employment opportunities.

Print Online: America's Graphic Design Magazine

Performing Arts

Web Sites



Mirault, Don
Dancing for a Living: Where the Jobs Are, What They Pay, What Choreographers Look for, What to Ask,1993

White, David R.
Poor Dancer's Almanac: Managing Life and Work in the Performing Arts,1993


Charles, Jill
The Actor's Picture/Resume Book: An Actor's Guide to Creating a Picture/Resume for Theatre, Film and Commericals, 1991

Film and Video Career Directory, 1994-

Henry, Mari Lynn
How to be a Working Actor: The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs in Theater, Film and Television,1994

Steele, William Paul
Stay Home and Star!: A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Regional Acting Career in Commercials, Industrials, Theatre, Movies, Print Modeling, Newscasting, Radio and Television Reporting, 1992


Colley, Craig. W.
Money in Mu$ic: Everything a Musician Needs to Know to Become Steadily Employmed as a Live Performer, 1991

Gibson, James R.
Playing for Pay: How to Be a Working Musician, 1990

Weissman, Dick
Making a Living in Your Local Music Market: How to Survive and Prosper, 1990

Performing Arts

Heflick, David
How to Make Money Performing in the Public Schools: The Definitive Guide to Developing, Marketing & Presenting School Assembly Programs, 1996

Kersey, Tanya-Monique
Black State of the Arts: A Guide to Developing a Successful Career as a Black Performing Artist, 1991

Performing Arts Career Directory
Gale Research, 1994


Backstage Online
Classified ads for writers, producers, actors and technicians in the television, theater and film industries. Available in print as Back Stage West.

Broadcasting & Cable: The Newsweekly of Television and Radio
Position announcements in television, radio, cable and allied fields.

Dance Magazine
Employment opportunities for choreographers, instructors, directors and managers with schools of dance and dance companies.

Drama-Logue: America's Foremost Casting Newspaper
Union and non-union casting notices for feature films, commercials, stage, television and video. Also includes calls for dancers, comedians, musicians, singers, writers and technical staff.

Faculty positions in colleges and universities, military bands and symphony orchestras.

International Musician
Lists positions available for musicians in colleges, universities, bands and orchestras.

Media Week: The News Magazine of the Media
Employment opportunities include listings for graphic arts, multimedia, production artists, art buyers, art directors, writers and other media-focused occupations.

On Screen
911 Media Center
Includes calls for work for filmmakers, producers, videographers, etc.

Listings for photographers and writers.

Web Sites

America's Job Bank

Art&Design Career&Employment

Chronicle of Higher Education

Artist Resource

Creative Central

Creative Freelancers

International Interior Design Association

Job Show Career Advice

Metropolitan Museum of Art World Wide Arts Resources

PND: Photo Distric News Online


Portfolios Online

Seattle Times Company Employment

Today's Careers

Washington State Jobs

Yahoo!: Seattle: Employment

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