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Kayak Accessories

Kayak Accessories from Wildwasser, Prijon, Gaia, Salamander, Panetary Gear.
Rescue, Safety, Clothing, Paddles, Helmets, Storage, Carts.
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Lasso Lock
Lasso Cable Lock for Touring Kayaks

Lasso Security Cables are made from
(more: Lasso Lock)

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Wildwasser Kayak Touring Safety Kit
Kayak Touring Safety Kit

When youre out on the water, things don't always go to plan.
(more: Wildwasser Kayak Touring Safety Kit)

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Sea Kayak Cart w/Kickstand
Sea Kayak Cart w/Kickstand.

The Sea Kayak cart is a lower profile, compact kayak wagon.
(more: Sea Kayak Cart w/Kickstand)

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Malone J-Dock
The Malone J-Dock is a wall mount storage system for kayaks, canoes, bikes, & boards.
(more: Malone J-Dock)
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Wildwasser Kayak Storage Wall Rack, 2 Kayaks
Wildwasser Kayak Wall Rack, 2 Kayaks

The problem of efficient kayak Storage has
(more: Wildwasser Kayak Storage Wall Rack, 2 Kayaks)

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J Bar Upright Set
J Bar Upright Set Kayak Rack

Beefy galvanized steel uprights with thick,
(more: J Bar Upright Set)

Quantity in Basket: none
Salamander Retriever with polypropylene
The Salamander Retriever w/ polypropylene

Waist worn and super versatile, rescue
(more: Salamander Retriever with polypropylene)

Quantity in Basket: none
Gaia Cockpit Cover
Gaia Cockpit Cover

Keep the Bugs and Elements Out!

Material /
(more: Gaia Cockpit Cover)

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Banshee - Salamander Pro Hip Snaps
Banshee - Salamander Pro Hip Snaps

Removable and adjustable hip pads for kayakers who
(more: Banshee - Salamander Pro Hip Snaps)

Quantity in Basket: none
Soltice Deck, Standard Keyhole Cockpit
Soltice Deck, Standard Keyhole Cockpit Sprayskirt

Out in the blazing heat or Arctic
(more: Soltice Deck, Standard Keyhole Cockpit)

Quantity in Basket: none
Paddle Saddle
I have been using this love it! Soft Lycra’ laminated to neoprene seating surface. -
(more: Paddle Saddle)
Quantity in Basket: none
Pocket System Sprayskirt - Nylon
Nylon Sprayskirt with Pocket, Standard Keyhole Cockpit, Adjustable

(more: Pocket System Sprayskirt - Nylon)

Quantity in Basket: none
Pocket System Sprayskirt with Neoprene and Nylon
Pocket System Neoprene and Nylon

The Pocket-System-Neo/Nylon is our most well
(more: Pocket System Sprayskirt with Neoprene and Nylon)

Quantity in Basket: none
Baja Deck Adjustable Sprayskirt
Baja Deck Adjustalbe Universal Keyhole Cockpit

The compactible Baja deck will come
(more: Baja Deck Adjustable Sprayskirt)

Quantity in Basket: none
Pocket System Nylon Sprayskirt
Pocket System Nylon Breathable

The lightweight Pocket-System-Nylon is the perfect
(more: Pocket System Nylon Sprayskirt)

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Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking: #1 Getting Started-DVD
Title - Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking: #1 Getting Started-DVD

Author -
(more: Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking: #1 Getting Started-DVD)

Quantity in Basket: none
Malone Auto Loader
Malone Auto Autoloader

The AutoLoader Xv is the most advanced kayak carrier ever
(more: Malone Auto Loader)

Quantity in Basket: none
Malone Sea Wing Carrier
Malone Seawing Kayak Carrier:

The SeaWing is a single boat mid-point mounting
(more: Malone Sea Wing Carrier)

Quantity in Basket: none
Wild-Water Competition Helmet
Wild-Water Competition Helmet
Few match the durability and style the
(more: Wild-Water Competition Helmet)
Quantity in Basket: none
Sink the Stink, 4oz. bottles
Sink the Stink, 4oz. bottles
(more: Sink the Stink, 4oz. bottles)
Quantity in Basket: none
Bison Kayak Key Chain Bottle Opener
Bison Kayak Key Chain Bottle Opener
(more: Bison Kayak Key Chain Bottle Opener)
Quantity in Basket: none

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