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General & Mixed Categories

ArtNet is an extensive online service for the art world, with up-to-date and comprehensive, searchable databases of auction records, gallery exhibitions and artists' portfolios, as well as international museum links and artfair Web sites - all with full-color reproductions - ArtNet offers World Wide Web users powerful tools and extensive up-to-date resources.

Art on the Net is a collective of artists helping each other to come up on the Internet and share their works on the World Wide Web. Features artist's studios, gallery rooms, and resources. Site goes beyond the visual art and includes the work of musicians and performers.

The Arts & Healing Network provides an international resource about art which is healing to an individual, community, or the planet. Includes the work of over 200 visual artists, calls for entry, conferences, resources. Free listings/posting of work. (San Francisco, CA)

Dia Center features essays and images of installation artists such as Joseph Beuys and Anne Hamilton. It also links to the Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston, Texas; lets you make reservations to spend the night viewing The Lightning Field by Walter De Maria, in Quemado, New Mexico and more. (New York, NY)

International Registry of Artists and Artwork registers artists and artworks. Database now includes more than 96,000 artists and the ULAN licensed from the 1994 J. Paul Getty Trust.

Internet Art Resources "your complete guide to the visual arts," links to the web sites they have created, including: galleries, artists, museums, art schools, fairs & expos; also includes reviews and other info.

Mattress Factory a research and development lab for artists. As a museum of contemporary art, it commissions new site-specific works, presents them to the widest possible audience, and maintains selected individual installations in a distinctive permanent collection. (Pittsburg, PA)

Metropolitan Museum of Art World Wide Arts Resources provides the largest and most comprehensive gateway to the arts on the Internet, including a huge database of Visual Arts links for Museums, Galleries, Artists, Arts Agencies, and lots more. A major resource!

Public Art on the Net

Rhythm and Blues Art contains artistic renderings of famous rhythm and blues lounges in the southern United States. (Greensboro, NC)

Triad Artists Online provides the most complete listing of art links and arts information available in the Triad area of North Carolina. Artists, art resources, and art lovers in the Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem area are invited to use TAO as a cross roads for sharing information and images. Linking is free and unjuried. Resources such as local museums and galleries are welcome to submit their press releases and other announcements.

Western States Arts Federation site includes a huge list of visual arts links. WESTAF is a non-profit arts service organization dedicated to the creative advancement and preservation of the arts of the western states.

World Wide Nature Artists provides efficient access to the work of the world's best nature artists.

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