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Art Agency Resources part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art World Wide Arts Resources website, the Art Agency Resources index page will lead you to hundreds of agency oriented resources, including: Endowments, Foundations, Leagues, Guilds, and Alliances for all media.

Arts Midwest collaboration of state agencies of IL, IN, IO, MI, MN, ND, OH, SD, WI.

Arts Wire: Online Communications for the Arts this national computer-based communications network for the arts community is a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts. It is designed to enable artists, individuals, and organizations in arts communities across the country to better communicate, share information, and coordinate their activities.(subscription fee - see web site for details).

Lawyers for the Arts features a comprehensive listing of organizations, through out the country that provide legal services to artists. Contains basic contact information only.

National Art Education Association promotes art education through Professional Development, Service, Advancement of Knowledge, and Leadership. NAEA is a non-profit, educational organization with membership of over 17,000 art educators from every level of instruction.

National Assembly of State Art Agencies NASAA's mission is to provide member agencies with the information, resources and representation they require to engage issues proactively and serve the public effectively. In addition to supporting both established and emerging artists and arts organizations, state arts agencies are involved in developing, promoting, and sustaining programs that reach rural and underserved populations; provide alternatives for at-risk youth; act as catalysts for economic development; and offer innovative approaches to arts education. See what your state arts agency is up to!

National Coalition of Arts Therapies (NCATA) founded in 1979, NCATA is an alliance of professional associations dedicated to the advancement of the arts as therapeutic modalities.

NEA National Endowment for the Arts.

New York Foundation for the Arts

Somerville Arts Council is the local cultural council for the City of Somerville, Massachusetts. This site includes resources, opportunities, exhibition info, events calendars, and more! (Somerville, MA)

Southern Arts Federation a not-for-profit regional arts organization founded in 1975. Creates partnerships; assists in the development of artists and arts professionals; presents, promotes, and produces southern arts and cultural programming; and advocates for the arts and arts education. The organization works in partnership with the state arts agencies of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, and is funded by the NEA, foundations, corporations, individuals, and member states.

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